About Us

our alaskan recycling story!

Living here is an adventure (that’s the word right?) no matter the plan Alaska always get to have a say. Especially when it comes to recycling.

It was amazing to see all the people in our city strive to recycle despite the difficult circumstances. Alaska always presents a lot of challenges. And many rose to the occasion to help keep waste out of our landfills. And toxins from leaching into the water table. 

It started with just our neighbors. Each would help the other haul material to the recycling facility. Hey, it was on the way into town so why not! Soon, other pickups were not quite on the way, but close enough. And then it became clear this hobby needed a name, a location, and some help.

Our friend’s commitment to recycling made this possible. And we want to provide as much help as possible to continue what they started.